Dr Carsten Nicolaus MD PhD

Lyme & Tick-Borne Disease Specialist

Over the past 30 years Dr Carsten Nicolaus has dedicated his career to the research, diagnosis and treatment of tick-borne diseases, co-infections and associated health conditions.

Dr Nicolaus is a world leading specialist in tick-borne diseases including chronic Lyme. With a background in immunology and conventional medicine, he has developed and merged his knowledge with a holistic approach using alternative and natural treatments alongside conventional medicines to yield the best outcome for his patients. Throughout his career he has been involved in the set up and management of a number of world-class Lyme organisations helping to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate chronic Lyme patients. 

Dr Nicolaus has trained more than 1,500 doctors and advised over 27,000 patients from 80 countries around the world. He has been an active member of ILADS (International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society) since 2007 and is on the medical advisory panel of the Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation. Dr Nicolaus works with many practitioners and clinics advising them in the treatment of their patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and other long-term illnesses with roots in vector-borne diseases.

Dr Nicolaus currently spends his time working with clinics and practitioners around the world, running a private online consultancy for patients, raising awareness in tick-borne diseases and the treatment of chronic illness.  He additionally hosts and participates in conferences, webinars, training programs and consultations held with doctors and patients around the world.